Sindh is a Country Five thousands years old. Sindhi's are one Nation. Freedom is right for every nation and to get freedom is possible. JSQM, the movement, which demands the creation of an independent Sindhu Desh.Complete independence from Pakistan.JSQM believes in national harmony and national struggle for the independence of Motherland Sindh (Political, cultural, economical And geographical) independence.JSQM believes that lower And middle class is actual and active strength.JSQM considers patriotic rising socialist and anti-feudals as its partner.

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Great Sain G.M Syed

The full name of Mr.G.M Syed is Ghulam Murtaza Syed. He is the son of late Syed Mohammad Shah Kazmi and the descendant of a famous saint of Sindh.Syed Haider Shah Kazmi, of whose mausoleum he is the Sajjada-nashin. He was bornat village of Sann in Dadu district of Sindh, on january 17,1904.Sain GM Syed died in 25th April 1995

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Bashir Khan Qureshi

Mr Bashir Khan Qureshi S/O Ghulam Murtaza Qureshi born on August 10, 1959 at Motan Pur Mohalla in Rato Deto, District Larkano in Sindh. He completed his primary education up to 5th level at Rato Dero and passed his Matriculation examination from Government High School, Rato Dero in the year 1974. He passed his Intermediate (Science) examination from Shikarpur and got admission in Agricultural University, Tando Jam in the year 1976. However, in the year 1981, he was rusticated from the University for one year. He took part into students' politics. He joined in Jeay Sindh Students Federation in the year 1976.

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Martyrdoms Of Great Sindhudesh

They loss their life for the freedom of our motherland SindhuDesh. They bear torcher cells of agencies of Pakistan. They will always remember in our memories and we will make continue their mission of freedom of SindhuDesh.

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JSQM Media Cell

Media is the source to provide right information about the present and what is happening in all around us and they inspire people to rise for their rites like we are doing if u have any complains us or want to regards us so contact our media cell.JSQM has taken very good step for the betterment of our SindhuDesh and wish to be secceed in our mission. Thank you.

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NAtional Heroes

Freedom Fighter - Hemu Kalani
Hemu Kalani belongs to that rare band of revolutionaries and martyrs whose
indomitable spirits brook no resistance, for whom tortures of imprisonment have
no meaning and death holds no terror. Hemu Kalani was so happy in his readiness to
 make the supreme sacrifice for the liberation of his motherland, that he gained weight
 during the last days which is most unusual for a prisoner condemned to die. While marching
to the gallows, he consoled his distressed mother by reminding her of her earlier teachings of
gita regarding the indestructibility of soul. So strong was his patriotic zeal that he pledged his
 next life also to the cause of India's Freedom.

Hemu Kalani was born at Sukkur in Sind (now in Pakistan), on 23rd March, 1923.
He was the son of late Shri Pesumal Kalani and Smt. Jethi Bai. He was brave and patriotic
 right from his childhood.Even at the age of 7, he used to lead the bous of his locality with the
 tri-colour in his hands along with his friends, he used to plead for boycotting all foreign goods and used
 to plead for boycotting all foreign goods and used to take an active part in persuading people to
use Swadeshi goods. He was soon drawn to revolutionary activates and started participating in
 acts of terrorism for the sake of driving away the British. He was always leading in raids and in
burning of vehicles belonging to the oppressors.

In 1942, When Mahatma Gandhi gave the call 'Quit India' and the slogan 'Do or Die',
Hemu Kalani also joined the mass movement. There was such active participation from the
people of Sind Province in this movement that the British rulers had to send special troops
consisting of European batallions. When Hemu Kalani came to know that these troops and the
 ammunition would be arriving in sind by a railway train passing through his town, he decided to
detail the train by removing the fishplates from the railway track. He and his friends were severely
handicapped in not having any tools for loosening the nuts and bolts and for removing the fishplates.
Time was also against them. Hemu, however, did not give up. HE inspired his friends to loosen the nuts
and bolts with the help of indigenous ropes and they started on this job. However, before they could
complete it, they were seen by the British troops and Hemu, in his Effort to save his friends, was caught.
 He was imprisoned and tortured to give out the names of his friends but he stubbornly refused to
divulge any information. He was tried under the then prevailing miracle law and sentenced to deth.
People of Sind petitioned for mercy to the to the viceroy but the death sentence was upheld,
un bless Hemu turned an approver and gave information regarding his fellow resolutionaires.
 There was no question of Hemu's accepting these conditions and he welcomed the impending
death most cheerfully. This young freedom fighter and revolutionary was hung on 21stst Jan. 1943.

Hemu's is an example of unflinching courage and devotion to his motherland. He participated in Mahatma
Gandhi's movements and at the same time, took recourse to terrorist activities also to drive away
the foreigners who were keeping India captive. The names of patriots like Hemu Kalani would always
 be remembered fondly while studying the history of India's Freedom Struggle.

(The above text is based on material published elsewhere and/or supplied by the sponsors).

Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department is privileged to issue a commemorative stamp in the
 memory of this great martyr.

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